Dates for Expeditions will be set after your requests.


Ultimate Nature Experience

"For beginners and cityfolks"

"A two day camp during the sommer"

"You´ll get all the gear you need to survive in the wild"

Hiking Gear

Under contruction........

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The Expedition takes place in Blekinge. A area known for its beautiful landscape.


Basecamp, starting point


Between Karlshamn and Karlskrona is a little town called Bräkne-Hoby. 10 km from Bräkne-Hoby, far out on the countryside is where we will meet mother nature.


No walk in the park! Trees, rocks, swamps, thorn bushes, tall grass, mosquitos and other insects will stand in our way.


The hiking distance is not more than 15 km total but consider that it will be with full gear and in the wild. No strait roads, in fact no roads at all.


The beautifull lake by camp 1. Fishing?

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