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Ultimate Nature Experience

"For beginners and cityfolks"

"A two day camp during the sommer"

"You´ll get all the gear you need to survive in the wild"

Location, Environment & Maps

The Expedition will take place in the beautiful region of Blekinge in the south east of Sweden. Many tourists come here on holiday to relax and enjoy the stunning nature. Here you find deep forests, a lot of lakes and a spectacular archipelago.


The expedition takes place in Harkniven, a little place on the countryside with only a few houses. The nearest little town is Bräkne-Hoby and you can get there by train. Usually you will get picked up in Bräkne-Hoby but other arrangements can be made. The travel time beween Bräkne-Hoby and Harkniven is approximately 20 minutes.


All the pictures on this website are taken in the woods where the expedition takes place. It is a beautiful site and “good medicine for your soul”. But you should be aware of that we will be hiking in “untouched” terrain and good shoes and clothes are acquired. Mosquitos will bite you, no doubt about that, so you need to get as much of your skin covered as possible. The environment change with the weather so you need to be good prepared. But don´t worry, we help you with that. You will get a lot of necessary new hiking gear that you can keep for further trips expeditions on your own. The stuff that you will need to get on your own will also be publish on this site and in the information letters you will receive.


The area has a rich wildlife and there is a chance that you will encounter animals during the expedition. Moose, deer, wild boar…the list can be made long. More information about the animals and insects can you find here.


Remember that we are guests walking around in natures “living room”. We don´t disturb and don´t damage anything.



Maps and pictures, click on the thumbs to enlarge


The Expedition takes place in Blekinge. A area known for its beautiful landscape.


Basecamp, starting point of the Expedition.


Between Karlshamn and Karlskrona is a little town called Bräkne-Hoby. 10 km from Bräkne-Hoby, far out on the countryside is where we will meet mother nature.


No walk in the park! Trees, rocks, swamps, thorn bushes, tall grass, mosquitos and other insects will stand in our way.


The hiking distance is not more than 10 km total but consider that it will be with full gear and in the wild. No strait roads, in fact no roads at all.


The beautifull lake by campsite 1. Fish on the menu?

We will be walking through a variety of terrain. Fir- and birch forests, open fields, clear cut forests and on the way back a little distance on a small dirt road. We will try to keep our feet dry but swamps and small water streams are here and there.

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